We offer 45 minute standard tour as well as private tours.  The Standard Tour is first-come-first serve.  You can just arrive and purchase tickets or purchase them online at a discounted rate.

Private Tours do require a reservation.

45 minute standard tour:

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to educate the public about the Everglades while still providing a thrilling airboat experience. Thru our efforts we hope that those who visit our location will get encouraged to learn more about this unique and wonderful ecosystem that is a National Treasure and World Heritage Site.

45 minutes of fun.

We customize tours to fit group needs.  The video to the left is an outing we customized for Love the Everglades, a non-profit environmental group.  From Large groups to small intimate groups who want an experience that you can't get in 45 minutes.  When conditions allow Special outings can be arranged any where from 1 hour to all day excursions.  Call 305-559-5250 or email buffalotigerairboats@gmail.com.

You can click on the link below for a current list of private tours available and book.

Betty Osceola


Tours we Offer​​

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Private Tours and Group Tours

Standard Tour rates:

Adults (11 yrs and older)  $27.50

Children (10 yrs and younger) $13.75

Children 5 yrs and younger "FREE"

We accept most major credit cards.

The 45 minute tour is designed to give our riders the experience of the Everglades and still be fun.  On this tour the Airboat will make 3 stops to allow for photo opportunities.  You may see wading birds such as egrets, great blue herons, and the anhingas.  Also this area is home to the American Alligator.  The wildlife you see are in their natural environment, not cages.  When the boat stops the tour guide will give explanation of the area and answer questions that riders may have.